Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I have been doing sooo much creating lately that I have forgotten to take pics.

But here is a little project I started on AGES ago BUT I just needed the RIGHT things to finish her off

This is how she started off
I decided she need a nice doily dress
I thought a lcae bodice looked good.  I used Nougat Glimmer mist to change the colour and then some mulberry flowers that I cahnged the colour off too.
This is how she sat for months..then it came to me what she needed..see what you think

I am really really happy with her.

If you want to see her IRL and you live her in Perth pop into Scrapbooks From the Heart on Canningvale where she is on display. 

I have lots of other things to show you but I need to take pics with my camera and not on my phone like these weree..so stay tuned.

Take care



  1. It is so pretty in real life you have to see all the layers and hiden little treats