Sunday, April 1, 2012

Creative AT LAST

SOOOOO..I have finally found time to start creating.....Last week I made this canvas and I LOVE IT!!

I reveresed..Painted it in pearl white and then used an ink to add colour to match the paper range (Kaisercrafts new Charlottes Dream).  I used the paper that has a beautifl damask finish on it as my background piece which I plaved inside the frame.  I then cut out a "window" in the die cuts sheet and placed avetate in that to make a "window"....

I have used lots of Handmade Halo resin pieces and some of the gorgeous new Gardenias ( I just love all the colours in these)...

Have a look

I am wrapped with the finished product..Now I have a slightly smaller one that I need to complete for daughte number 2!!