Wednesday, June 27, 2012


WOW!!!!  Last week I got to attend a DAY course with TIM HOLTZ!!!! It was in Melbourne and what a great time I had. All four of us went and used the time to do some shopping and some shopping and see some football (AFL) and some shopping!!  Hubby cant believe that I could shop everyday..I cant believe what he CANT BELIEVE!!!

Tim's class was FANTASTIC..I wasnt sure what to expect. He was such a lovely person and wandered the room the whole time making sure all students were keeping up.  We made TWENTY different tags of tehniques and some BLEW MY MIND....NOW Its time to put all of this into practice if I ever get time to scrap....

SO let me leave you with a pic looking down one of Melbournes streets...

Until next Post  XXX

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